Sponsorship Management

Industry partners are crucial to your event

Rethink the sponsorship options!

Our Sponsorship expert can help you rethink the sponsorship options and model of packages offering more value to your partners.

We’ll evaluate with you how to integrate sponsors in the overall programme and increase their brand awareness.

If you decide to migrate your event online or host a hybrid event we’ll help you recapturing sponsors and exhibitors participation and show them how to achieve their marketing goals in your virtual event.

Sponsorship Management
Sponsorship Management

We can assist you!

We can assist you at the different stages of the Sponsorship Management process.

  • Industry Company Sourcing
  • Sponsorship opportunities and packages
  • Sales Campaign
  • Exhibition Floorplan & special features design
  • Suppliers selection (stand builders, virtual expo...)
  • Logistical aspects
  • Exhibitors secretariat - Concierge Service