Floor Plans & Stage Design

We assist you in realising your vision, from translating your design ideas in 3D impressions to having your stage or your exhibition set built.

Floorplan updates

Our team can quickly adapt the floor plans and present you in 2D and 3D how this affects your events look and feel.

Floorplans & Stage Design

Fast basic setups

Basic setups can be designed fast by using library elements. We work on multiple events simultaneously.

Floorplans & Stage Design

3D Design

Issues around sight lines, room capacity or physical obstructions are identified early in the game by our 3D designs.

Floorplans & Stage Design

We share the floorplans!

We share the floorplans at the earliest stages of preparation with all the different suppliers (venue, Audiovisual supplier…) and show them a step by step evolution of your event.