• may 6, 2020

2020 - the year without congresses

Congresses have been postponed or cancelled all over the world. But some are being digitized. I talk with great representatives of the MICE industry about the challenges, opportunities and experiences with digitized formats.

Our panel and topics:

Ori Lahav (President at IAPCO Vice President Client & Operations Kenes Group) "Why PCOs are still needed for a virtual event – virtual conference case study”

Miguel Neves (Digital strategist for event professionals) "Social Media activities, tools and concepts for digitalized congresses"

Giulia Ineke Sarri (Marketing Communications Specialist at AIM Group International) "Digital Marketing activities and strategy for virtual events (before, during and after)"

Eric Antonisse (Owner of MiceMedia BV, International Congress & Event Consultancy & Production) "Technical aspects of digitalized congresses"

Steff Berger (Conference Consultant, MICE Crisis Manager, Public Speaker, Coach & Trainer at VOBE - Inspires People GmbH) "Crisis management and communication before, during and after a pandemic."

Christian Staaden (Senior Liaison Manager at esanum GmbH) "The (new) role of digital platforms for virtual and hybrid congresses and their importance for sponsors."


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